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Welcome note from Dr. West

As I reflect on my years as an educator, I realize that I have grown in so many ways. I now know that any mountain can be moved with commitment, love, and a little praise. I now see children not only as they are, but as what they can be. I now approach every challenge as not "us" versus "them", but as "we". As a citizen, parent, and educator I can no longer accept the status quo. The more I learn, the more I realize there's much more I need to know. A future that is seen by too many children as empty, bleak, and dark is anxiously anticipated by my students, who are now ready to make their own personal marks. It has been a privilege and honor to serve as both a learner and a sage. I believe my greatest accomplishments occur long after my students walk across the graduation stage.

On behalf of Shelbyville Independent School District's learning community, I would like to welcome you to the Shelbyville Dragon website. Our student body, numbering over 700 students, and our 80-plus faculty and staff members work together to provide one of the best educational programs in East Texas. Shelbyville Independent School District's students strive to achieve excellence in their academic studies, as well as in their extracurricular endeavors. Numerous students from Shelbyville I.S.D. have achieved local, regional, and even statewide recognition for their academic, athletic, and extracurricular accomplishments.

Shelbyville I.S.D.'s school facilities are second to none. Our school district facilities include: S.W. Carter Elementary School, Shelbyville Middle School, Shelbyville High School, cafetorium, band hall, field house, football stadium, baseball field, gym, and a vocational/technology building. Technology is present throughout our school system as evidenced by the abundant classroom computers, computer labs, and our state-of-the-art satellite system. Innovations in the teaching-learning process are also emphasized in Shelbyville. We are continually adding more rigorous and challenging courses and programs to our educational delivery system to better meet the needs of our students.
Although our school system is relatively small, we believe we have a faculty and staff that is first rate. To us, "education" includes improved student achievement, attendance, behavior, community service, and leadership opportunities. We are interested in nurturing a positive, safe school environment that emphasizes student growth and success. Parent involvement and community partnerships are very important to us as we strive to meet our goal of "educating everyone."

Shelbyville Independent School District produces students who are not only good students, but also outstanding citizens. We are proud of our accomplishments, and eagerly await even greater successes in the future. If you ever find yourself visiting the Piney Woods of East Texas, I would like to extend a special invitation to you to tour our campuses and meet our outstanding faculty and students. Shelbyville Independent School District is "proud of the past...building for the future."

Respectfully yours,

Ray West, Ed. D.